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Architecture of the Russian North

About photoarchive

This archive is part of the photographic collection of William Brumfield, Professor of Slavic studies at Tulane University. In 2002 Professor Brumfield was elected to the State Russian Academy of Architecture and in 2006 to the State Russian Academy of Arts. This collection is the result of years of work of photographing monuments of history and culture, of architecture and landscape objects in the Russian North. The aim of the archive is to preserve these photographs in digital form and to provide public access to them.

The fundamental part of the archive is a deposit collection of large unmodified TIFF files (so called electronic originals). This depository is to provide permanent safekeeping of the photographs.

The other part of the photoarchive is this web site, which provides public access to reduced and prepared photographs in JPEG format. The site contains fewer images then the depository because of the duration of the preparation process.

This photoarchive is of great artistic and scientific value as the result of systematic, prolonged work by the author in Russia. Some structures photographed by the author have been lost and we can see them only through the archive. Many momuments have been modified or even rebuilt and the archive serves as a witness to these changes during more then 40 years. The site is presented in two languages (English and Russian) and is therefore available to a wide audience. It is an important guide in discovering a significant component of Russian architecture, history and culture, all of which it integrates into global cultural ownership.

Depositary and site are constantly increased. Amount of photographs in depositary is more then 100,000. An information about number of photographs at the site is available *here*.

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