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Architecture of the Russian North

Ostashkovskii District


Church architecture

Bell-tower of the church of the Transfiguration

Cathedral of the Resurrection

Cathedral of Trinity

Chapel of Smolensk icon of Mother of God

Convent of Icon of the Sign

Cathedral of the Ascension

Memorial plate to L.F. Magnitskii

Walls, gates, towers

Zhutenskii Smolenskii monastery

Church of Saint John the Divine and Saint Andrew

Cathedral of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God

Civil architecture

Pechatnikova street

Pechatnikova street, 1 ■ Apartment house

Pechatnikova street, 7 ■ City hall

Volodarskii street

Volodarskii street, 19 ■ Museum

Volodarskii street, 32 ■ Apartment house

Volodarskii street, 35 ■ Apartment house

Volodarskii street, 37/39 ■ School

Sigovdkoe municipality

Church architecture

Church of the Transfiguration

Sorozhskoe municipality


Khachin island

Lake Seliger

Church architecture

Nil Stolobenskii monastery

Nil Stolobenskii monastery

Archbishop’s chambers

Archbishop’s landing

Boat repair building

Cathedral of the Epiphany

Church of John the Baptist (foundation)

Church of the Elevation of the Cross


Courtyard gate and pilgrims’ house


Gate church of saint Nil Stolobenskii

Gate church of saints Peter and Paul

Guest house

Horse yard

Ice house

Monument to saint Nil Stolobenskii

Refectory chambers

Svetlitsa tower

Wall towers

Sorozhskoe municipality

Church architecture

Chapel of the icon of the Mother of God “Three-handed” (Troeruchitsa)

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