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Architecture of the Russian North

Rzhev District



River Volga and its banks


Complex of civil and church objects

Rzhev memorial assembly cemetery

Memorial to the Kazakh soldier

Cemetery of Soviet soldiers

German military cemetery

Monument to Jews-prisoners of ghetto

Rzhev memorial assembly cemetery

Church architecture

Bell tower, church of the Trinity

Cathedral of Okovetskaia icon of Mother of God

Cathedral of the Ascension

Chapel of saint Nicholas

Chapel of Smolensk icon of Mother of God

Church of saint Barbara

Church of Smolensk icon of Mother of God

Church of the Annunciation

Church of the new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian church

Church sacred to Ignatii Bryanchaniniv

Civil architecture

Cross at the burial site of archpriest Matthew Constantinovskii (1791-1857)

New bridge across Volga

Old bridge over Volfa river

Stele at the entrance to Rzhev

Studio of Igor’ Rosliakov

Eliseev street

Eliseev street ■ Monument, aircraft MiG-17

Gratsintskii Park

Gratsintskii Park ■ Alley of Heroes of the Soviet Union, the Great Patriotic War

Gratsintskii Park ■ Monument at the grave of commissary V.V. Graysinskii

Gratsintskii street

Gratsintskii street, 27 ■ Mazurin orphanage

Krasnoarmeiskaia Embankment

Krasnoarmeiskaia Embankment, 24-a ■ Museum

Krasnoarmeiskaia Embankment, 30 / Oktyabrskaya Street, 1 ■ Building

Lenin Street

Lenin Street, 4 / Marks Street, 53 ■ Exhibit hall

Leningradskoe Highway

Leningradskoe Highway, 1 ■ Building

Leningradskoe Highway, 25 ■ Apartment house

Leningradskoe Highway, 31 ■ Apartment house

Marks Street

Marks Street, 53 / Lenin Street, 4 ■ Exhibit hall

Oktyabrskaya Street

Oktyabrskaya Street, 1 / Krasnoarmeiskaia Embankment, 30 ■ Building

Ostashkovskoe highway

Ostashkovskoe highway, 5 ■ Apartment house

Partisian street

Partisian street, 4 ■ Bersenev house

Partisian street, 26 ■ Building

Partisian street, 30 ■ Akim Nemilov estate

Pushkin Embankment

Pushkin Embankment, 17 ■ Building

Razin street

Razin street ■ Obelisk ti the heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Soviet Square

Soviet Square ■ Monument “City of soldierly glory”

Soviet Square ■ Monument to Vladimir Lenin

Soviet Square ■ Monument, anti-tank gun ZIS-2

Soviet Square ■ Playground

Soviet Square ■ Sculpture “Gorodovoi”

Soviet Square, 12 ■ Building

Zheleznodorojnaia Street

Zheleznodorojnaia Street ■ Monument to railwaymen (part of the engine SU 208-64)

Zheleznodorojnaia Street ■ Stela

Khoroshevskoe municipality

Civil architecture

Militarily-historical museum

Nikol’skii pogost na Gorodishche

Church architecture

Church of the icon of Mother of God, “Joy of All Who Grieve”

Civil architecture

Remnants of earthen fortress (gorodishche)


Church architecture

Church of Archangel Michael


Church architecture

Church of the Intercession

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