Results of the 2nd Governor’s International Youth Contest named after V.A. Gavrilin

The contest took place in Vologda from the 21st till the 28th March on the basis of the Vologda Regional Music College and the Vologda Regional State Philharmonic Society named after V.A. Gavrilin.

The 2nd Governor’s International Youth Contest named after the composer V.A. Gavrilin became an important event in a cultural life both of the Vologda Region and the world music community.

The main aim of the contest is to perpetuate the memory and to popularize the creative work of the eminent Russian composer, the native of the Vologda Region, the People’s artist of the Russian Federation Valery Aleksandrovich Gavrilin, and also to reveal young talented musicians in Russian and foreign provincial educational institutions, to consolidate the best traditions of music pedagogics.

270 video-tape recordings were sent for the qualifying correspondence round of the 1st contest (April 2001) and 153 competitors were admitted to participation in the contest. In comparison with it, 403 applications were sent for the 2nd contest and 248 competitors were admitted to the audition. The increasing in the number of competitors confirms the rising of interest of representatives of different children music schools and colleges of Russia, Europe, America to the V. Gavrilin’s creative work. The participants came from the USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and from different regions of Russia: Siberia, Ural, the Far East, the Volga region, the European North, central and southern regions (72 cities).

The competitors (age of participants from 9 to 20 years) performed in three nominations: piano, the stringed instruments (violin, cello) and composition in three age groups.

The well-known authoritative musicians, professors of conservatories were members of the juri: of the Moscow conservatory – I. Osipova, of the Vilnius conservatory – Y. Dvarionas, of the Saratov conservatory – A. Tarakanov, of the Petrozavodsk conservatory – V. Portnoy, K. Veksler, A. Beloborodov, as well as of music academies and conservatories of Turkey – Y. Semenov, of Sweden – A. Fisher, of the Netherlands – T. Poddubnaya, of Norway – T. Stedle.

The musicians and composers from different cities of Russia: Ufa, Saratov, Voronezh, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Blagoveshchensk, Murmansk, Asrakhan, Kirov, Kursk and others became winners of the contest. Anya Yurova (Postov), Rustam Monasypov (Kazan), Asly Tezenish (Turkey) were awarded with the special prize of the Governor of the region for the best performance of the Gavrinin’s compositions.

The participation in the contest of students of educational institutions of the Vologda region is of great importance. The winners are: Yana Smorodina, violin (Veliky Ustyug), Aleksandr Shirikov, piano, Yury Snegirev, composition (Cherepovets), Nikolay Gorlov, piano (Vologda).

The public response of the contest favours the revival and development of cultural traditions in different regions of the country. The international status gave the possibility to show the world music community the features of different pedagogical schools of Russia and other lands.

To the opinion of the organization committee and members of the international jury the contest achieved its aim, the expenditures were completely justified, the level of organization satisfied the world standards. For the region the contest was of great public and professional importance, especially for popularization of creative work of V. Gavrilin.

The Vologda Gavrilin’s contest is directed to participants from the outlying districts of Russia and other lands, in contrast to a lot of similar projects. It doesn’t compete with musicians from capitals and helps gifted children and young people to become professional musicians.