The III Governor’s International Youth Contest named after V. Gavrilin will be hold in Vologda since 15 till 22, April, 2007 under the patronage of the Governor of the Vologda Region Vyacheslav Pozgalev. Young performers can take part in the contest: pianists, violinists and cellists – in three age groups, composers – in two age groups.
Young performers such as students and pupils from regional music schools, art schools, colleges (except Moscow and St. Petersburg) can take place in the contest according to the main aims of the contest.
For 15, April 2007 the following age groups for the performers are:

Junior group – from 9 to 12 (inclusive);
group – from 13 to 16 (inclusive);
group – from 17 to 20 (inclusive).
The following age groups for the composers are:
group – from 9 to 15 (inclusive);
group – from 16 to 20 (inclusive).
Applications for the participation in the contest are to be sent until December 1, 2006.

Address: Vologda Musical College, 105, ul. Gorkogo, Vologda, 160014.

Statements are to be sent to the executive director of the contest Lev I. Trainin with the registered letter with delivery notification. The sending date is defined on the postmark.

The following documents are to be enclosed to the application:
Birth certificate
(Xerox copy or photocopy).
Videocassette with the record of two compositions -
for the pianists: a part of a classic sonata (or a polyphonic composition) and an etude;
for violinists and violoncellists: a part of a sonata (or a polyphonic piece) and a virtuoso composition;
for composers: see the terms of the 1 st round.
Titles of performing compositions are to be written on the videocassette; it is to be signed by the participant. Videocassettes are not given back.
Two black and white half-length photos of a high quality (
9х 14), signed on the back.
Every participant of the contest will be informed by the organizational committee about the date of arrival to Vologda not later than 1, February, 2007.
The participants are to pay the entrance fee amounts to 1000 roubles. The entrance fee is to be paid during the registration.
In case of refusal to take part in the contest, the documents and the entrance fee are not given back.


The contest hearings are held in public and consist of 2 rounds. Compositions from the contest program are performed by heart.
The sequence of the appearances at the contest is determined by the casting lots and remains to the end of the contest.
Every participant of the contest will have acoustic rehearsal (for 15 minutes).
Players on the stringed instruments are to come with their own leader.
The Jury has the right:
of awarding with not all the grants and diplomas;
of dividing one grant between several participants;
of awarding with diplomas for the best rendition of composition;
of awarding with diplomas the best teachers;
of awarding with diplomas the best leaders;
of redistribution of grants and prizes which are determined in the terms of the contest in the limit of the prize fund in case of one place won’t be awarded.

State, public organizations and private persons can set up special prizes for the participants of the contest. These prizes are awarded by the jury.
The decisions of the jury are final and can not be subjected to any discussion, revision or appealing.
All the participants who take the prize places are awarded with the title of the «Laureate of the Contest» or the «Diplomant of the Contest».
Laureates and Diplomants of the contest must take part in all concerts, which are organized by the organizational committee in the days of the contest. Participation in concert tours is possible (on a voluntary basis).
In case of disagreements in interpretation of these terms, the only right language is Russian.


All the charges connecting with the arrival to the contest (return fare, living in a hotel, nourishment) are carried out by the guiding organizations or by the participants themselves.
Foreign participants legalize passports and visa by themselves. Participants must apply to the Russian Consulate after taking the official invitation to participation in the contest.
The organization committee will help in accommodation of the participants of the contest in hotels due to preliminary requests, which are to be sent after receiving the invitation but not later than a month before the beginning of the contest.


Junior group:
grant for the 1st place - 15 000 roubles
grant for the 2nd place - 10 500 roubles
grant for the 3rd place - 6 000 roubles

Middle group:
grant for the 1st place - 21 000 roubles
grant for the 2nd place - 15 000 roubles
grant for the 3rd place – 10 500 roubles

Senior group:
grant for the 1st place - 30 000 roubles
grant for the 2nd place - 24 000 roubles
grant for the 3rd place - 18 000 roubles

Special Governor’s Prize for the best rendition of the composition by V.A. Gavrilin.

All the grants are awarded for each nomination (pianists, violinists, cellists, composers) and age group (junior, middle, senior).

Separate prizes are awarded to the teachers of the participants of the contest who take the prize places (in all nominations and age groups):
the 1st place - 9 000 roubles
the 2nd place - 7 500 roubles
the 3rd place - 6 000 roubles

4 best leaders are awarded with prizes amounts to 6 000 roubles.
The currency of prizes and grants is rouble (according to the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of payment).


The main place of rehearsals and holding the contest are the classes and the concert hall of the Vologda Musical College (105, ul. Gorkogo) and the concert hall of the Vologda Regional State Philharmonic Society named after V.A. Gavrilin (21, ul. Lermontova.).
Organization committee in accordance with the interested organizations has the right to use another places for appearances and rehearsals.

Phones: (8172) 242456, 242528
Fax: (817-2) 242456
E-mail: music@volnet.ru

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