Evgeny Lunin’s Picture Gallery

Evgeny Lunin’s Picture Gallery was officially opened in February, 2002 in Cherepovets city of Vologda Oblast based on the collection of Cherepovets businessman Evgeny Lunin. Evgeny Lunin started collecting pictures since 1998. He bought first works from Cherepovets graphic painter Yury Volkov. Now the gallery collection numbers 2 000 works of painting, graphic painting and sculpture by painters connected with Vologda Oblast. The gallery represents more than 50 authors – acknowledged and young painters. Since June, 2001 Picture Gallery is actively involved in inside and outside exhibition activity.

Address: Gorky str. 91-65, Cherepovets, 162614 Vologda Oblast
E-mail: mail@gallery-lem.ru