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Kadnikov is a city in the Sokol municipality of Vologda Oblast, a former administrative center of a large Kadnikov district of Vologda Province.

It is situated on the Sodema River, a tributary of the Sukhona River, 43 km to the north-east off Vologda. Population – 4 764 people. The exact date of foundation is not known.

In 1492 a sentry post was placed on Kadnikov waste-ground to protect the trade route that gave the start for foundation of Kadnikov village.

Since XVI century a trade route from Moscow to Arkhangelsk was laid here that promoted revival and expansion of trade in the area and quick growth of population.

In 1702 due to construction of a post-office and two churches a village was renamed in a settlement. In 1780 Kadnikov was reformed in a district city. A tub was placed on the coat of arms of the city as the cooper’s business was traditionally developed in this place till the beginning of the XX century. Besides the Kadnikov people developed resin and tar extraction that was also reflected in the coat of arms. The population consisted of clergy, the merchants, Philistines, clerical people, officials, craftsmen. The city was obliged to the merchants for its development. Churches and cultural institutions were built on means of the merchants. Coaching inns, taverns, shops and tearooms were opened. Kadnikov mainly preserved its architectural historical appearance till nowadays.

The district city Kadnikov became a center of the large Kadnikov district included 49 volost with 1900 settlements. At the beginning of the XX century there were 200 thousand people.

Kadnikov at the middle of the XIX – beginning of XX century was a place of a political exile.

Kadnikov is one of several small cities of Russia that preserved its historical center built by stone manors. There are 18 objects of cultural heritage in the city; Epiphany Church is of special importance.