The Galskoys Manor

Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor
  • Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor
  • Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor
  • Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor
  • Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor
  • Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor
  • Усадьба Гальских / The Galskoys Manor

The manor complex was developed in forms and traditions of the provincial classicism and represents a traditional trapezoid composition with precise differentiation of zones: the economic one in the south and the inhabited one in the north.

Since 1989 on the basis of the manor there began creation of the Historical-Ethnographic Museum.

Restoration work of the manor-house began in 1992.

The financing of restoration works has made up 68. 4 million roubles.

By June, 1, 2009 the manor had become a museum.

In total the mansion consists of 37 rooms, each of them has two – three windows. The interior of the house is decorated with 94 photos with the images of its owners and their relatives.

Two centuries of the manor

On the cultural and tourist map of the Vologda Oblast there appeared a new object. In July, 2009 the Cherepovets museum «The Galskoys Manor» celebrated its rebirth. After long and formidable restoration the mansion is opened for visitors. Today it represents a bright celestial-blue structure which perfectly entered the coastal landscape of the Sheksna and gets attention of passing by steam-ships passengers. The house looks as stately as it did in XIX century. The owners – representatives of the aristocratic Galskoy family saw it this way.

In the 1814 survey book of Cherepovets the upland on which the house was to be built up, is called «heathland Hill». Later it was owned by the Cherepovets noble Kudryavye family who started the construction of the manor. In 1856, probably, the Hill was inherited (the manor preserved the name of a heathland) by the Galskoys. The Kudryavye and Galskie have been known in the Novgorod province since XVII century, they served their Fatherland, repeatedly became local nobility leaders; researchers consider them to be relatives of such known Russian families as the Vereshchagins, the Tolstoys, and the Turgenevs.

1917 changed the life of the manor inhabitants. Soon after the revolution Nikolay Lvovich Galskoy (the last owner of the house) died. His wife and daughters were forced to leave. The family had to suffer a lot: arrests, exile, and emigration. Now Tatyana Zhelvakova – the grand daughter of Nikolay Lvovich – lives in Saint Petersburg. One more Galskoy family branch happened to live in the USA. Galskoy brothers Konstantin and Alexander live there. Descendants of the nobiliary family visited their small native land for the first time only in the 90s of XX century, then already as the guests of honour.

The destiny of the manor itself is not less dramatic. The Hill was nationalized by the Soviet power. It used to be the agricultural technical school, and later a hostel. In 1931 the house was transferred onto the Voronin technical school of dairy farming financial support, then belonged to the state farm «Komsomolets». In 1952 the mansion was reconstructed and lost its original architectural form. In 1960 the main house of the Galskoy manor received the status of the republican value monument, but for the next two decades no serious work on its restoration was carried out. So, the Hill was given to the museum workers in an awful condition. At that moment 19 families lived in the emergency house. They were given other dwellings, and in 1989 in the manor there opened the historical-ethnographic museum. Several years later restoration began.

Restoration work was held with breaks, its financing in the first years wasn't regular. The main reconstruction process started in 2001. Money for restoration of the monument of federal value was allocated from budget sources of all levels. The Galskoys Manor house was restored for a long time and with great detail. It is possible to say with much confidence, that now the house looks the way the architect in the beginning of XIX century saw it. Unfortunately, his name is one of the manor «Hill» misteries. He was certainly a very talented person. His ingenious finds – columns, porticoes, walls, ladders – «work» to either expand or to narrow the space, to make the ceiling visually higher. The form and number of its windows make the house extraordinary light. The Vologda Kremlin Museum Funds presented some of their exhibits to for a year decorate the rooms of the newly restored mansion. The rest interior decor was collected slowly. Museum employees mark, that from the moment the restoration started they received a lot of completely unique things which once belonged to the Galskoys.

After its rebirth, the museum now is a unique monument. Besides the manor house there has survived the system of outdoor and economic constructions: the house of the manager, barn, two servants' log huts, a stable, stallion studs, two barns and saddler’s workshop. One of these constructions is a two-storeyed barn with a two-story gallery which rests on log figured columns – a rare sample of outdoor constructions which used to be widespread in the northwest of Russia. The monument of federal value «The Galskoys Manor» is a unique case of preservation of not just a manor house but of all the system of economic constructions in the city environment. There were also other similar manors on our territory, but they are mostly at the bottom of the Rybinsk water basin. Therefore «Hill» is a chance to tell the future generations about the way of life nobiliary families led.

Historical-ethnographic museum «The Galskoys Manor»

invites visitors to a fascinating excursion in the mansion and on territory of the manor.

For all interested persons there is organized horse riding and professional riding classes.

The address: 162600, Cherepovets, Maturinskaya Street, 28
Ph. of the museum (8202) 32-22-04.
Ph. of the stable (8202) 32-22-17.

The film by Professor William Brumfield about the Galskoys Manor