Anastasia Panfilova, a student from Cherepovets, Vologda Region is among the laureates of Clarinettissimo 2018, a clarinet competition in Belgium

Clarinettissimo 2018 was held on January 3rd-6th at the Stedelijk Conservatorium Brugge, Belgium.

The aim of Clarinettissimo 2018 is to give passionate and interested clarinetists with nice artistic level the opportunity to take part in the Clarinettissimo Festival not only as student but also as performers together with the faculty of international soloists/professors.

Forty musicians from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, China and the USA participated in it. Master classes organized by the best professors of the world Michel Lethiec (France), Luis Gomes (Portugal), Julia Heinen (USA), Stephan Vermeersch (president of the European Clarinet Association) and Hedwig Swimberghe (Belgium) were held within the framework of Clarinettissimo 2018.

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