American professor William Brumfield offers a tour through the Galskoy manor house in Cherepovets

William Brumfield – the American photographer, historian and Professor of Slavic Studies at Tulane University in New Orleans – offers a stroll through the Galskoy manor house, overlooking the Sheksna River at Cherepovets. The Galskoy estate is part of the Historical-Ethnographic Museum of Cherepovets, which is the second city in size in the Vologda Territory. The museum has sponsored a new documentary film in English with the participation of the scholar.

​In November 2017 Brumfield ​visited Cherepovets to participate in the formal presentation of his book Cherepovets: The Architectural Heritage of the Cherepovets Region, which has on its front cover one of Brumfield's evocative winter photographs of the Galskoy manor house. This volume continues the professor's long narrative about the cultural heritage of this remarkable Russian province. Since 2005 Brumfield has published eight books about historic towns in the Vologda territory. The Cherepovets volume includes some 150 of the author's color photographs, taken between 2006 and 2017.

​In this film, devoted to the estate of the Galskoy family, William Brumfield talks about the architecture of the manor house and about its owners, who were members of the Russian nobility. As he walks from room to room, he explains the function and design of the elegant space created for this noble family, which served Russia for many generations. Brumfield also shares his reminiscences about visiting the Galskoy mansion in both summer and winter. ​ ​

An archive of 36,000 of Brumfield's photographs of Russia's architectural heritage is accessible in English and Russian at: cultinfo.ru/brumfield

William Brumfield