Veliky Ustyug is in top five Russia’s most popular destinations for New Year and Christmas holidays

Veliky Ustyug is in the list of Russia's cities that are most popular destinations for New Year holidays, according to a study conducted by TourStat agency. Over 100,000 tourists visited Veliky Ustyug where the residence of Ded Moroz, Russia’s equivalent of Santa Claus is situated.

The top five of the rating most popular for traveling during New Year season includes such Russian cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan.

The Residence of Ded Moroz (Votchina Deda Moroza) is a delightful place for children and their parents. The residence is like an island of wonders alive with a magical atmosphere. Here you will have the opportunity to visit a mysterious wooden tower in the pine forest, where Ded Moroz welcomes his guests. His assistants will tell you about the wizard's life and will show you every corner of his house. After stepping through the gates, you will get to the Fairytale Path, where you will meet the magical creatures of the enchanted forest. Once you have successfully passed all the magical challenges on the Path, you will arrive at the Alley of Miracles, which leads to the Residence of the winter sorcerer.

Another mystical place in the Residence is called the Glacier, where the temperature doesn’t go beyond -15 C°. Everyone will be amazed by the huge amount of beautiful ice sculptures representing the characters of Russian fairytales.

In Ded Moroz's Zoological Garden, there is a rare collection of 60 species of birds and animals. There are nearly 400 rare animals in the aviaries and enclosures of the pine forest, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

Veliky Ustyug has much to offer the discerning visitor. It has a remarkable place on Russia's tourist map. With a unique cultural and historical heritage, the city, abundant with architectural monuments and arts, has great tourism potential.

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