Russian-Hungarian Memory Book to be created at Vologda State University

The Vologda State University launches a cooperation project between universities of Szeged (Hungary) and Vologda (Russia).

The first step of cooperation will be aimed at preservation of the historical memory of the period 1941-1945. Students of the Vologda State University and Szeged University will be engaged in research work identifying Soviet soldiers who were born in the Vologda Region and died on the territory of Hungary, as well as Hungarian prisoners of war who died during the World War II, as well as at hospitals and labour camps when the war was over.

The result of this work will be presented in a GIS file format and will include four databases:

– a database listing the names of Vologda’s residents who died on the territory of Hungary;

– residents of the Vologda Region whose names are engraved onto the Hungarian memorials;

– Hungarian prisoners of war who died in the Vologda Region;

– burial places of Hungarian prisoners of war on the territory of the Vologda Region.

Other areas of cooperation between students of Vologda and Szeged may include the following activities: environmental projects of European significance, development of educational, cognitive and ecological tourism in Hungary and the Vologda Region, cooperation between public organizations, including the Hungarian and Russian Geographical Societies.

The project partners are Vologda State University, Szeged University, the Honorary Consulate of Russia in Hungary (Szeged) and the Hungarian Foundation "FOKUSZ-RUS" (Hungarian universities for teaching the Russian culture and language).

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