Olga Fokina

Olga Fokina Young Olga Fokina. 1960's Meeting with Olga Fokina in the Vologda Regional Youth Library, 2013
  • Olga Fokina
  • Young Olga Fokina. 1960's
  • Meeting with Olga Fokina in the Vologda Regional Youth Library, 2013

Olga Aleksandrovna Fokina was born on September, 2, 1937 in village Artemyevskaya of the Kornilovsky Village Soviet of the Verhnetoemsky region of Arkhangelsk Oblast. In 1952 after graduating fr om the seven-year school she entered Arkhangelsk college №1 and left it in 1956. For a year she worked as a medical assistant. In 1957 she entered the Gorky Literary institute in Moscow. After graduating in 1962 she moved to Vologda wh ere she worked as a member of the literary staff in the newspaper «Vologda Komsomolets». Since 1964 – on creative work.

The first poem was published on August, 2, 1952 in the newspaper «The New North» of the Verhnetoemsky region. Olga Fokina – a member of the Union of writers of Russia since 1963. The participant of the fourth All-Union meeting of young writers, decad of literature and art in Yakutia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenia, Italy.

Olga Aleksandrovna Fokina is a well-known poetess, the author of thirty books of verses and poems, including «Syr-bor», «A small island», «Matitsa», «I shall be a stalk», «On behalf of a sickle», «Over that over Toyma», «Selected», etc.

Her literary work is marked by a medal «For labor valor» (1967), an award «the Sign of Honour» (1981), an award of the Labour Red Banner (1984). For the poetic collection «Poppies day» in 1976 the Gorky State premium of RSFSR. In 2008 Olga Fokina was awarded with Pushkin's medal.

Olga Fokina's big and original talent is her free-will service to people. In her creative work one can find the breath of northern land, its colors, its voice, it’s tunes. Throughout her life she carried out surprisingly clearly and sincerely the blood attachment to hard but noble peasant labor, to destiny and deeds of the great native land – Russia.

Olga Fokina works a lot and fruitfully, participates in meetings with her reader's audience. In 2013 she became the winner of the literary prize of Alexander Prokofiev «Ladoga». The award in the category «National» was awarded to the poet for a book of poems, «The Pendulum».


Was born on September, 2, 1937 in the village Artemyevskaya of the Kornilovsky Village Soviet of the Verhnetotemsky District of the Arkhangelsk region. Parents – Alexander Ivanovich and Klavdiya Andreevna (in girlhood – Kopylova) – were from poor families of hereditary northern peasants, also peasants – collective farmers. Before the war father worked as a brigade-leader of the collective farm «Novy Sever» («New North»), in autumn of 1941 went to the front, in October of 1943 he was no more. According to the certificate of his death «in connection with stay at the front» our family was allocated an allowance – 65 roubles per one month – for five children in the age of from 1 month till 14 years. I was the penultimate child, and all difficulties of life-support lay, basically, on shoulders of the senior brothers led by vigilant mother's alarm for us, with her really an indefatigable exploit of spirit and will, daily physical overloads. The purpose of life designated in my first decade, looked so: «to make my mum happy».

I have perfectly finished a village seven-year school, with the Red diploma – the 1 Arkhangelsk Medical School.

The first verses I has written in the age of about ten years (began to write in the age of 3 – 4 years), for the first time my works were published in 1952 in the regional newspaper «Novy Sever» («New North»), then – in the regional newspaper «Severny Komsomolets» in Arkhangelsk in December of 1955.

After the graduation of the Medical School I worked as a medical assistant on forest plots of my native district. In 1957 I entered the poetic branch of the Literary Institute named after Gorky attached to the Union of Writers of the USSR. In March of 1963 the first book of my poems «Syr-bor» in the publishing house «Molodaya Gvardiya», with Boris Shergin's foreword. Three months later, in June, 1963 I was presented with the ticket of a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR.

From the autumn of 1963 I live in Vologda.

In the central and local publishing houses it is issued 27 collections of my poems.

The winner of the State Prize of RSFSR named after Gorky, Prizes named after A. Jashin, named after A. Tvardovsky, named after Nikolay Rubtsov.