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Pavlo-Obnorsky monastery of Saint Trinity situated in Yunosheskoye settlement of Gryazovets municipality was founded by St.Pavel Obnorsky in 1414.

Pavel Obnorsky was born in 1317 in Moscow and since his childhood was inclined to monastic life. At 22 when the parents insisted on his marriage he left home and took the monastic vows. Looking for places of solitude he visited many waste lands. After travelling a lot he stayed in Komelsky wood and lived in the hollow of a linden by the Gryazovitse River. Then he moved to the Nurma River, built a cell and dag a well. His living place became known and future students came to him. In 1414 with Sergiy Radonejskiy blessing and by consent of Metropolitan Photiy, Pavel built St.Trinity church around which Pavlo-Obnorsky monastery was founded later.

Pavel introduced very strict standards of communal life, entrusted his student Alexy – a future Father Superior - to manage the commune, and continued living in the solitary cell near the monastery.
There were 5 chapels and caves under the monastery that still exist. A miracle-working icon of Godmother of Korsun and a tree hallow where St.Pavel lived were kept in the monastery.

The first stone monastery was built in 1505-1516. After 100 years since foundation the monastery was defeated and ravaged – in 1538 the Kazan Tatars ravaged the monastery, burned it out and left. In 1605-1610 the Trinity church was profoundly rebuilt. In XVIII century a belfry and a monastery fence were erected.

At the end of XIX century the space occupied by the monastery looked like a regular quadrangle surrounded by a stone fence in the east and in the north. The other sides of the monastery were surrounded by stone monastery buildings. A hotel was built for pilgrims.

On the monastery territory there was a stone one-storeyed Cathedral St.Trinity church built between 1505 and 1516, a church of St.Pavel – a founder of the monastery, built over his grave in 1546; church of St.Sergiy Radonejskiy of 1644 and Assumption church of Godmother with a high belfry.

The cloister was closed in 1924. In 20-30-s of XX century the Trinity church with the attached church houses, a belfry and a fence were ruined. On the monastery territory a teacher’s station, a school and a children’s home were placed. In 1945 there was a children’s sanatorium and a forestry sanatorium school. The cloister was returned to the faithful in 1994.

Today the relics of St.Pavel and other saints are kept in the monastery. By the monastery there is a stone where St.Pavel Obnorsky prayed and a well which he dag. On the territory of the cloister a hollow in which St.Pavel prayed and a shroud over this relics are kept.