On January, 17 the evening in memory of writer Varlam Shalamov took place

For many years on January, 17 in the Shalamov house of the Vologda Regional Picture Gallery there gathered researchers and admirers of Varlam Shalamov's creative work. And this time too the event traditionally began with listening to a documentary sound recording of the writer's voice.

Valery Yesipov, expert on Shalamov’s work, and employees of the Moscow magazine " Scepticism ", founders of the Internet - site of V.Shalamov, participated in the event. The site shalamov.ru was created a year ago; the resource is constantly replenished with new sections and scientific works on the writer’s creations. Its English version is now being developed.

The head of the project Ivan Kharlamov told the following about the work held: « This year one of the basic directions of our activity will be translations of works by foreign researchers into Russian and translations of Russian works into English. Also we improve the structure and quality of materials, and in the near future we shall present practically full collection of works by Shalamov. This year we have interviewed the translator of Shalamov's works into German Gabriele Loipold. It's she who translates all the prose by Shalamov into German, despite the fact that it's very difficultly because of specificity of the writer's language - Gabriele had to think up a lot of new German words because there no analogues in German. She didn't want Shalamov to be perceived in the context of nazi camps and associations with nazi terror.

This time there also came a Swedish guest Josephine Lundblandt which now lives in Ekaterinburg and teaches in Uralsk State University. Shalamov is not very well known in Sweden; therefore Josephine introduces the Vologda writer to Sweden. So in September, 2009 she delivered the first lecture on Shalamov's creativity at the Swedish university then students discussed his works. Josephine is engaged in research of influence of « Notes from the dead house » by Feodor Dostoevsky on « the Kolyma stories » by Varlam Shalamov. She presented the Shalamov House with the book of writer's works in the Swedish language.

Literary readings were further followed with a musical - poetic composition « The only friend in the world… » (Varlam Shalamov with Irina Sirotinskaya's eyes), prepared by teachers and pupils of Vologda school № 28. The Shalamov house have been cooperating with these children for many years, it is possible to say, they have grown up with Shalamov's verses, they have been taking part in the evenings since the fifth form. Each time teachers together with pupils prepare for the new compositions touching upon different themes of creativity besides they prepared the social project "Shalamov Street". Pupils carry out scientific researches and speak at school conferences.

The composition « The only friend in the world… » was prepared due to Irina Sirotinskaya's materials - a close friend of Shalamov who saved his creative heritage. She is the heir of the writer, a composer and the author of comments to his books, and collections of works.


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