Prospects of cooperation in the field of culture in 2013-2014 have been recently discussed in the Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage of Vologda Oblast at the meeting with the director of Polish Institute in St Petersburg Cezari Karpinski.

The cooperation of Vologda oblast with Republic of Poland in the field of culture has been in progress for the last several years. In Vologda and Cherepovets at various occasions there have been held concerts of classical music, demonstrations of Polish films, art exhibitions. Polish Institute traditionally appears as a partner of the Oblast when it comes to realization of large-scale projects including International festivals Voices of History, Voices, Vita Lace. In 2009 “Autumn meetings with Polish culture” took place, in consequence of which Vologda citizens could find out a lot new not only about culture of the Polish but also to exchange valuable experience at the scientific conferences concerning restoration and at the workshops of lace-making. Suffice it to say that lace art in Poland is as popular as on Vologda land. This is one more indissoluble bond which ties two cultures together.

At the meeting in the Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage of Vologda Oblast Cezari Karpinski mentioned that the interest of Oblast citizens in the Polish culture is continually growing, that’s why Polish Institute is going to further support friendly relationships with Vologda. To extend cultural cooperation Mr Karpinski offered a number of new interesting projects which are planned to be held for Vologda people within 2013-2014. The Department of Culture of Vologda Oblast for its part backed up the initiative and is going to start to develop and implement the joint venture events.

Cezari Karpinski – the director of Polish Institute in St Petesburg. The aim of the Institute is to overspread achievements of Polish culture and science, extension of the knowledge about Polish culture among Russian society as well as development of the ties, experience exchange and support of the dialogue between Polish and Russian representatives of science, literature, art, cinema, theatre and music.

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