On December, 3 and 4, 2012 Jennes de Mol, Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, made an official visit to Vologda Oblast. During the visit he had meetings with the Oblast deputy governors, representatives of the business community in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Head of the Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage of Vologda Oblast in Museum of Lace. Vsevolod Tchubenko and Jennes de Mol had a meaningful conversation about the prospects of cultural cooperation of Vologda Oblast and the Netherlands within the framework of the coming Russia-the Netherlands bilateral year. In particular, they discussed issues of possible teamwork on the project of IV International Young European Film Festival VOICES, within the program of which a certain direction will be given to the cinema of the Netherlands.

A special sightseeing tour was organized for the guest fr om the Netherlands. Jennes de Mol visited Vologda Kremlin, Museum of Lace and of course the house-museum of Peter I – the house of Dutch merchant Goutman, visited by Peter I on many occasions. It’s interesting to note that in Holland they also have a house of Peter I. It is a wooden house in Zaandam city (the municipality of Zaanstad), wh ere Peter I lived during his visit with the Grand Embassy to Holland in 1697. Not far from the museum House of Tsar Peter there is a monument to Peter I.

Jennes de Mol admired the Museum of Lace exhibitions: “This museum is unique. I am impressed not only with the museum’s exhibitions but also with the fact that it is situated in the historical part of the city, in the building which appears to be a monument of architecture itself. One can see that a serious work has been done. Such museums serve not only the function of preserving traditions but also the function of attracting interest towards them. It is probable that in the show-room of Museum of Lace there will be displayed Dutch lace as well – in Dutch it sounds like “kant’”.

Jennes de Mol told that in Holland there is an analogical version of Architecrural- Ethnographical Museum of Vologda Oblast. It is a huge open air museum Openluchtmuseum, on which territory there is a settlement. It includes farm houses, boats, mills, there are some acting farms. Openluchtmuseum is also called a park village which was specially created for tourists to learn architecture and culture of Holland.

Vlada Shilovskaya


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