On 22 January 2013 in Museum of Lace there was a meeting of Maria Morozova, deputy of the head of Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation Department, with the delegation of Consulate General of France in St Petersburg within the framework of two-day visit in Vologda Oblast.

The delegation included: Mrs. Elizabeth Barsak, Consul General of France in St. Petersburg, and Mrs. Fanny Saada, Attache for Cooperation in Higher Education and Science of Consulate General of France in St Petersburg.

In the meeting there also participated Alexander Suvorov, general director of Vologda State Historic and Architectural Fine Arts open air Museum, and Dmitry Shevtsov, deputy of the head of Department of International, Interregional Ties and Tourism of Vologda Oblast.

In the course of the meeting the prospects of international cooperation in the field of culture between Vologda Oblast and French regions were being discussed.

Maria Morozova presented international cultural projects which have become a brand identity of our land, they include: International Theatre Festival Voices of History, theatre and concert season Summer in the Kremlin, Gavrilin International Music Festival, International Young European Film Festival VOICES, in 2013 that will be the fourth time Vologda is holding this festival. The participants of the meeting also learned about the web portal Culture in Vologda Oblast(www.cultinfo.ru), covering the cultural life of the region: the work of Vologda cultural institutions, international projects, cultural campaigns.

Representatives of General Consulate if France in St Petersburg were presented the information about the active work of our region in the cultural program of 2010 Russia-France bilateral year, as well as contacts of cultural institutions with French partners during the following period.

The questions of experience exchange in the sphere of preservation of historical heritage including monuments of wooden architecture were also being discussed during the negotiations. In the oblast there are such old monuments as the Church of Deposition of the Robe (XIV century) from Borodava village ( now it is under restoration on the territory of Kirillo –Belozersky monastery). The French participants of the meeting found very interesting the information about cultural projects which are brought into realization with the help of Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of Vologda Oblast and interactive programs which the visitors of the museum in Semenkovo village are proposed. Our French colleagues were also interested in experience in cooperation of Vologda Oblast and US General Consulate in St Petersburg on the questions of organization of International Festival of Traditional American Bluegrass Music. Within the framework of the cooperation we got the grant of the US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation, which was spent on restoration of the wooden house in the ethnographical museum.

Museum work cooperation, lace-making popularization in particular, was one of the key issues of the discussion. The French colleagues highly estimated cooperation of Museum of Lace with Mrs Mik Furisco, one of the founders of the Puy(France) lace studying centre, the participation of French lace-makers in I International Lace Festival VITA LACE in 2011.

The guests, who took an excursion in Museum of Lace and visited lace-making workshop, noticed how unique the museum expositions are. They especially highlighted the opportunity to organize excursions as well as arrangement of the museum labels including the ones in the French language.

Suffice it to say that the work of Museum of Lace was highly estimated on the state level: the creators of the museum became award winners of the RF Government Prize in Culture in 2012.

There was made a decision about cooperation Of Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation Department of Vologda Oblast and French Culture Institute in St Petersburg on the questions of team play in the field of culture.

Information of Culture and
Cultural Heritage Preservation Department of Vologda Oblast,
photos made by Nadezhda Volohova


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