10 plates with QR codes can be seen on historical and cultural objects of Vologda

The plates with QR codes have been placed on the St. Sophia Cathedral, the Bell-tower, the entrance group of the Vologda Kremlin, the buildings of the modern school № 1, the museum “World of Forgotten Things”, the Museum of Lace and other important objects of the cultural heritage. Now people can get information about this or that historical monument with the help of this code.

“Having dialed the numeric code placed on the plate in your mobile phone or tablet computer, any person will be able to get to the “personal” page of the cultural heritage object on the special website www.QR35.ru”, said Marina Vasilieva, director of the Scientific and Research Centre “Antiquities of the North”.

This access to the information about the architectural, historical and cultural monuments of Vologda will be interesting for tourists and guests of the city. They will be able to get complete information about a monument, a building, or even an event that can be also given a QR code using the Internet and a special program installed on the telephone.

The working group of culture and historical and cultural heritage of the City Public Council considered the issue concerning provision of the Vologda’s monuments with QR codes in January 2013. Its members are sure that it is necessary to apply the most innovative approaches when forming the image of Vologda as the cultural capital of the Russian North.

It should be added that now they have chosen 16 places in Vologda information about which local residents and guests of the city can find with the help of the plates with the QR codes. 10 plates have already been placed. The rest will be put soon. In all, about 30 objects have been chosen in the region. They are located in Vologda, Veliky Ustiug, Kirillov and Cherepovets. Work within the framework of the project will be continued as soon as information on the Internet-resource www.QR35.ru is placed.

Information of Official website of Vologda City Administration,
photo of Maria Gulyaeva   


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