During July 27-29, 2007 in Vologda with the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of culture and mass communications of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Vologda area Inter-regional festival of rural amateur performances «Solstice» was held for the first time. The festival has received its name from a national calendar which is connected with traditional folk holidays, calendar ceremonies and economic activities.

The event aims at preserving traditional national culture, supporting folk art, strengthening of cultural and interethnic ties between various regions of this country, popularization of spiritual heritage of the peoples of Russia, the statement of principles of mutual respect and harmony. Festival «Solstice» was held before the All-Russia festival of rural amateur performances which is to be organized by the Ministry of culture and mass communications of the Russian Federation takes place in 2008. The festival is carried out to put into life the tasks set during the State council of the Russian Federation « About the state support of traditional folk culture in Russia «, which took place on December, 26, 2006.

Organizers of the festival of rural amateur performances «Solstice» are the Department of Culture of Vologda Oblast, State Institution of Culture and Education « the Regional scientific - methodical center of culture and improvement of professional skill « with the support of the Russian State House of Folk Arts.

Solstice is a national calendar, a complex of traditional calendar, folk and religious holidays, agrarian and labour ceremonies of a calendar circle connected with the change of the seasons and turning points of a solar calendar. Festival «Solstice» recreated the cheerful atmosphere of the ceremonial life of the village, the original sounding of national songs and folk tunes.

Winners of the international and Russian festivals of Folk Arts, laureates of the national premium for merits in development of Folk Arts «Soul of Russia» became the participants of the inter-regional festival of rural amateur performances «Solstice». The best folklore collectives and performers from Dagestan, Chuvashia, Altai area, Arkhangelsk, Bryansk, Voronezh, Vologda, Rostov Oblasts presented various kinds and genres of folk art – musical folklore, folk - scenic choreography, choral singing. The best amateur collectives of the Vologda Oblast took part in the festival, among them there are national ethnographic group»Uftyuzhanochka» from Nyuksensky region, folklore amateur dance-group «Northern dawns» Cherepovets, folklore family collective of Nikulin brothers from village Tarnogsky gorodok and many others.

On July, 27 at 12.00, within the framework of the festival, in the oval hall of the V.A.Gavrilin Vologda regional state philharmonic society an inter-regional scientific - practical seminar for the heads and experts of Houses (Centers) of Folk Arts, devoted to problems of keeping and development of non-material cultural heritage of Russia took place.

Department of culture of Vologda Oblast

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