Ruth Scheidegger-Meier, daughter of the famous Swiss writer Gerhard Meier, presented six volumes of Journal of Manufacturing, Commerce and Fashion to the Vologda State Museum-Preserve.

The volumes of the Journal of Manufacturing, Commerce and Fashion date from 1793. Ruth Scheidegger-Meier bought them 30 years ago at an auction. The culture of life and the level of development of the industry of the time are depicted there. The books also describe in detail the manufacture of fabrics and publish the engravings of them. Major textile factories and their products are also in the highlight.

Ms. Ruth Scheidegger-Meier present one more unique gift to the Vologda Lace Museum, an affiliate with the Vologda State Museum-Preserve - an album with samples of fabrics dating from the 18-19th centuries. The 18th century was the time of rapid development of weaving manufactories in the countries of Western Europe - Germany, England and France. At this time fabrics with various drawings, embroidered with laces, ribbons and garlands became fashionable.

Many scientific libraries in Europe have shown interest in this collection. “There is nothing like that in Vologda, and it is an honor that Ruth Meyer made such a generous gift to our Museum”, said the head of the Vologda Lace Museum.

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