Vologda’s Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov presented a brand concept of Vologda Region

Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov presented a brand concept of Vologda Region within the framework of the 13th inter-regional conference «Gates to the North» that started its work in Vologda today.

Several years ago the Government of the region initiated work aiming to build a unified image of the Vologda Region for its identification in the outside world. Experts, inhabitants of the region and the Internet community were invited to cooperate with the local authorities.

In April 2014 Mr. Kuvshinnikov met representatives of the initiative group aiming to discuss an umbrella brand of the Vologda Region. «Our challenge is to find a brand that will make Vologda Region recognizable and attractive for tourists and investors», said Oleg Kuvshinnikov. The initiative group collected opinions, found out interesting historical and cultural facts.

The world-famous Vologda butter and Vologda lace, Russian Ded Moroz from Veliky Ustyug, churches and monasteries, nature reserves, ecologically friendly Vologda products – all this can be called the brands of the Vologda Oblast.

During the meeting with the representatives of the initiative group Mr. Kuvshinnikov stressed that we need to find a brand, a speciality that first we could be proud of, and secondly, that it should be recognizable and attractive for tourists and investors.

Today the head of the region summed up the results of the work concerning the new image of the Vologda Region.

As for the geographical location, the region is situated in Russia’s North. Today the Vologda Oblast ranks first among all other regions of Russia by the share of the Russian population. The Vologda Oblast is a region that preserved its Russian identity and cultural and Orthodox traditions.

The word combination «Russian North» sounds very familiar to the residents of the Oblast. «Russian North» is the name of a national part situated in the District of Kirillov, of the ensemble of folk music and dance, and finally the word combination «Russian North» is used in the names of Vologda’s staple products.

The «Russian North» runs as a motif through the history of the Vologda Oblast, even the two main colours that are found in the symbols of the Vologda Region – red and white – signify strength, hardiness and valor. «The symbol of the region should be bright, warm and affect the Russian soul», emphasized the Governor of the region.

The composition is built in the form of a circle. The circle signifies the sun, the soul, the light, the infinity and the letter «O», which is so typical for a verbal image of the Vologda Region. The symbol unites most folk traditions: lace, embroidery, carving and wood-painting.

The experts that were invited to participate in the panel discussion evaluated a new concept of Vologda’s brand from different points of view – geographical, historical and cultural.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov concluded that only by joint actions of local authorities, business community and people, the historical and cultural treasures of our region will become familiar to every citizen of the Vologda Region and guests coming to our region.

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