XIII Open festival of poetry and music “Rubtsov’s autumn”

On September 21-25, 2010 the events of the XIII Open festival of poetry and music “Rubtsov’s autumn” took place in the cities of Vologda and Cherepovets. This year the festival started a set of events devoted to the 75th anniversary of the poet.

The participation of the Governor’s Russian folk orсhestra guided by Honored Artist of Russia Galina Perevoznikova refreshed the opening ceremony of “Rubtsov's autumn”. The performance of the large concert group on the best stage of Vologda, well-done music and literature program with participation of the Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Petrova (singing) and Vsevolod Chubenko (artistic performance) became a valuable present to the memory of the poet during the first day of the XIII traditional festival of poetry and music “Rubtsov’s autumn”.

Greeting the participants and the audience Head of the Regional Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation Valentina Ratsko noted the fact, welcome to all the Vologda people, that “Rubtsov’s autumn”, initiated by the will of people, from year to year is representing the best authors and performers more widely not only from Vologda land but many other regions of Russia and becoming everybody’s favorite.

The regional contest of reciters “Let’s pay good for all the good” among the inmates of the children’s homes and boarding schools of the Vologda Region took place in the frames of the festival. This contest was held for the second time in the frames of the Rubtsov’s festival and this year the number of participants was doubled – there were children from 28 children’s homes and boarding schools from 12 regional municipalities.

Among the events was an opening of the exhibition of pictures “The soul preserves” by “Severyanin” club. Looking at these pictures admirers of Nickolay Rubtsov’s poems and constant participants of the festival smiled and sighed when they recognized themselves and their friends. The pictures called up reminiscences about “Rubtsov’s autumn” that had been gathering friends for 13 years – admirers of Rubtsov’s art. These pictures preserved the memory of those who made a lot to the festival and popularization of Rubtsov’s poetry but passed away. There are 150 pictures in the exhibition selected from 3 thousand pictures taken during the festivals. For the first time Maria Fazanova, a niece of Nickolay Rubtsov, took her own art collection to the festival.

The founder of Nickolay Rubtsov’s museum in Moscow Maya Polyetova presented at the festival her book “The soul preserves. Nickolay Rubtsov. Little known pages of the biography”.

During the festival days singers who wrote songs using Rubtsov’s poems took part in many concerts held in Vologda.

The program of the final gala-concert was opened by the Cherepovets group “Gostya” paying its tribute to the poet memory. Further more according to the tradition there were performances of the participants of “Rubtsov’s autumn 2010” festival. The audience was glad to meet with the beloved singers from Vologda: Leonid Minaev, young singers Anton Tarakanov and Ivan Zaikov, clubs of singer poets from Vologda, Sokol, Cherepovets and boys’ group “Bravo” and other.

Among the guest singers were a lot of friends of “Rubtsov’s autumn”, true followers for many years. These were Sergey Krul from Ufa, representatives of the Rubtsov’s center from Saint-Petersburg, an artist from Vorkuta music theatre Anatoly Todiko.

A guest from Saint-Petersburg, a composer and a singer, a unique and original guitar player Alexey Lepyekhin, an opera singer and prize-winner of many contests of the Russian romance Sergey Zykov (Saint-Petersburg), a new group from Sokol city by Anastasia Orlova and a Moscow guitar player Alexey Sidorov, performances of the participant of the famous Grushinskiy festival and a talented artist Alexander Ivanov (Saint-Petersburg) and a leader of a singer poets club from Gatchina Victor Shutilov became real discoveries of the festival.