Festival “Autumn cinema marathon 2011“

24-27 November 2011 movie theater Salut will be holding Festival “Autumn cinema marathon 2011. Best German films of the past years”. The Festival is organized by Goethe Institut German cultural centre in Russia and a festivals organizing agency Tour de Film sponsored by Vologda Oblast Government, Department of Culture and Cultural heritage protection of Vologda oblast, Vologda city administration, Vologda Institute of Education development.

As we approach the year of Germany in Russia, which will be held from 1 June 2012 to June of 2013, as well as the third Festival of Young European Films VOICES, Autumn cinema marathon will become a significant cultural event of Vologda which keeps on demonstrating films of European countries.

The Festival taking place in the cities of the North-West region for seven years has already got its fans. Every autumn means a chance to get acquainted with modern cinema art of Germany.This year the program includes seven films ( six feature films and one documentary film) – the best works over the past years, prize winners and participants of international and national film contest. Autumn Cinema Marathon 2011 will also take place in Kaliningrad and Petrozavodsk.

The new generation of German film-makers who came at the end of 90s- the beginning of the XXI century, gave life to the national cinema and brought back the position which had been occupied on the international arena in 70-80s. The topics exciting the modern German directors are high on agenda: German film-makers believe that cinema like art can not only attract attention to acute political and social problems but exert influence on their solutions. German cinema now is a variety of plots, characters, genres and experiments. It is able to captivate, surprise and make empathize.

The films including in the program are believed by the organizers to reflect the last tendencies of German cinema.

One of the highly-awarded films of the festival is Feo Aladag's “When We Leave”. The picture took part in the program Panorama of the famous Berlin festival in 2010 and got the prize of European cinema association, it is also awarded by two Lolas, greatest national film awards, ( for the best feature film and best actress) and it was nominated by European Film Academy for Discovery and Best actress awards. Feo Aladag is analyzing the problem of relationships between parents and children in terms of national traditions and self-awareness.

In Alain Gsponer’s melodrama “My words, my lies, my love” a waiter David ( Daniel Brul)falls in love with a girl named Maria who adores literature. Trying to conquer the girl David finds a manuscript of someone else’s unpublished novel. The book is then being published and the young man’s destiny makes a move, he becomes a famous writer and against his will … a rogue.

Enchained to his wheel chair Ben ( Robert Gwisdec), the main character of the film “Run if you can” is fighting with his close friends Cristian for the heart of a beautiful Annika. Dietrich Bruggeman’s film took part in Berlin, Shanghai, Montreal festivals 2010.

In tragicomedy “My happiest life” of Alexander Adolf the destiny of the main character – a rogue Frank –entwines with the destiny of Tanya for the love of who he makes astonishing and reckless actions. The main roles are played by the great duet of actors Nadya Ul and David Shtrisov.

In psychological drama “Kroko” of Silke Enders 16-year-old Julia ( Francisca Yurgen) called Croko,an uncrowned queen of one of the regions in Berlin, loves bright and sparkling life. Using her beauty spiced with self-possession and emotionless the girl keeps under her control all the people in the neighborhood. Once at night Julia runs over a cyclist. The court condemns her to the works in the dormitory for invalids. On having heard the sentence Kroko feels offended to the roots of her being. But with the time passing by the snow queen starts to thaw out.

The time and place of the drama “If not us, Who?” is West Germany at the beginning of the 60s. Bernward Vesper (August Diehl) and and his friend Gudrun Ensslin ( Lena Lauzemis) open their own publishing house. The first publication was the book of Will vesper, the father of Bernward and a nazi writer in the past. The couple start an up-to-no-good friendship with left-wing writers and politicians. “If not us, Who? If not now, When?” - the queations which are brought up by these people. The young woman gives up the family for the sake of one of the leaders of the “left front”, Andreas Baader. Bernard sterts using drugs and tries to write his own novel which can change the world…

The picture of Andres Veiel competed in the main contest of berlin film festival 2011 and was awarded an Alfred Bauer prize ( for the new ways found in art) and a prize of the Guild of German Art House Cinemas.

Fatih Akin's new documentary film “The Other Side of Heaven” tells about Istanbul. The capital of Turkey is shown through the eyes of a stranger, a foreigner. Its strange, alluring, tempting and dangerous beauty attracts musicians, artists, actors from all over the world. Inspired by the landscapes, pleasant smells, torrid never stopping life they are trying to unriddle the city. The main character is one of those who come to know the cultural environment of modern Istanbul and open its unexpected sides. In 2005 “The Other Side of Heaven” was shown at an out of competition program of the Cannes international film festival.

Autumn cinema marathon Film Festival is informationally supported by radio station Europa plus and portal kinopoisk.ru. The partners of the festival in Vologda are newspaper Premier, portal www.wologda.ru, club- restaurant Vintage and café Parizhanka.

The opening of the festival will be on 24 November at 18.00. Apart from demonstration of the film “My words, my lies, my love” the spectators can also take part in a quiz. The winners will get nice and useful prizes.

The Program of the Festival

18.00 –
The opening of the festival. “My words, my lies, my love”. A feature film, a comedy soap opera. Alain Gsponer’s, the director, Germany 2009.

25 (Fr)
15.50 – “Run, if you can”. A feature film, tragicomedy. Directed by Dietrich Bruggeman, Germany 2009.
18.00 - “When We Leave”. A feature film, drama. Directed by Feo Aladag's, Germany, 2010.

26 (Sat)
14.00 - “The Other Side of Heaven”. Directed by Fatih Akin. A documentary musical, Germany, 2005.
15.50 - “When We Leave”. A feature film, drama. Directed by Feo Aladag's, Germany, 2010.
18.00 - “My happiest life” of Alexander Adolf. A feature film, a comedy soap opera, Germany, 2009.

14.00 – “Kroko”. Directed by Silke Enders. A feature film, drama. Germany 2003.
15.50 – “My happiest life” of Alexander Adolf. A feature film, a comedy soap opera, Germany, 2009.
18.00 – A closing of the festival. “If not us, Who”. Directed by Andreas Veiel. A feature film, drama. Germany 2011.

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