Prizes and Nominations of VOICES festival 2011 are assigned

International directorate of the festival of young European cinema VOICES is pleased to announce that the process of preparation for the second festival is under way. The members of the jury and festival guests are preparing for the opening ceremony that will take place in Vologda on July 5th, 2011, we prepare prizes. In comparison with the last year we have introduced one innovation: in 2011 the prize in the nomination “VOICES Prize” will be divided into 2 parts.

So, Voices Prize (Euro 30 000) will be divided into two parts in the next way: Euro 20 000 will be presented to the best film director and the rest Euro 10 000 – to the distributing company of the film as a promotion support in Russia.

We would remind you that in 2011 VOICES festival will take place in Vologda during July 5-10th and in Cherepovets during July 6-10th.

There will be demonstrated films by young directors whose pictures best of all reflect the tendencies in independent European cinema.

The program includes:
- 10 debut or second pictures by European directors (premiers in Russia),
- about 30 out-of-competition films,
- special projects of the festival (concerts of famous musicians on the main squares of Vologda and Cherepovets, a concert in the Vologda philharmonic society, film demonstrations in Vologda and Cherepovets and many other).
The jury of the VOICES festival (the president is an English film director Hugh Hudson) will present the winners the following prizes:
Best Film director (prize in nomination “VOICES Prize”)
Best Screenwriter
Best Actor
Sympathy prize of viewers
Special prize “Boundless Talent”

One of the pictures will be awarded by “Sympathy prize of viewers” that will be defined by special voting.

“We would like to follow a new tendency in European cinema business and as far as possible to support a distributing company in Russia. Unfortunately very often the situation turns so that a Russian viewer simply doesn’t know about an existence and more over about its or another interesting European picture distribution in his country. We hope that by such a way we not only award a talented team for making such a good picture but we make our own contribution in the development of film distribution in Russia”, -said director of VOICES festival Igor Lysenko.

“We consulted with different representatives of cinema business in Russia and in Europe and took, as it seems to me, the most proper decision. We hope that our Prize will motivate more people to shoot and take to Russia a qualitative author’s cinema”, - said festival producer Pavel Morozov.

“The decision of the VOICES holding committee to introduce a special cash prize for the distributors of the film – winner of the festival –in Russia is unique and gratifying. One of the reasons why very often an urgent European cinema doesn’t reach a Russian viewer lays in the absence of means for promotion and advertising of such films. It’s clear that one festival can’t change the situation very quickly and totally but this intention is a good example of professionalism and a really European approach to cinema promotion” – comments the decision of the festival Mary Nazari, film producer, screenwriter, director of “Pioneer” cinema (Moscow).

Anastasia Kurochkina, press-attaché of VOICES festival