From June 23 through 25, 2011, Vologda will be holding International Lace Festival

Fr om June 23 through 25, 2011, Vologda will be holding International Lace Festival, it will coincide with International Flax Festival and Vologda Town day.

Vologda has been preparing for this day for a long time. Within 2008-2011 huge work has been done to popularize Vologda lace and establish professional contacts with large lace organizations in Slovakia, France, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Canada and other countries. Museum of Lace presentation was launched in St Petersburg in June, 2010 at the Diplomatic Club of Vologda's friends meeting and in July, 2010 at the International Lace Congress in Kobe (Japan). Vologda reserve museum, with a unique lace collection ( more than 3000 articles), was the first in Russia to become a member of International organization of bobbin and needle lace OIDFA. For half a year 37 more Russian lace-making organizations and private individuals have followed its example. The Lace Museum festival opening ceremony was held 3 November, 2010. New museum became the central tourist attraction, landmark of the region, demonstrating the great variety of lace. A Vologda lace project “Museum in the center of the city” was successfully presented in Shanghai (China) in November, 2010. The initiative of Vologda Region Governor V.E.Pozgalev to hold International Lace Festival in Vologda in 2011 was encouraged by D.A.Medvedev, the Russian Federation President, and the Russian federation brunch ministeries, including the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture. Under the moderation of I.A.Pozdnyakov, the first deputy of Vologda Governor, Steering committee was created to organize preparation works and to navigate the festival. More than 70 applications for the International Lace Festival in Vologda have been granted, according to which more than 200 participants from Slovenia, France, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Canada, Ireland, Poland and 22 Russian regions are going to come. Festival Opening will take place June, 23 at 6 pm in Kremlin square. For three days the heart of Vologda – Vologda Kremlin and Kremlin square- will be given to Its Majesty Lace.

Within the framework of the International Lace Festival in Vologda one can see exhibitions of European lace, the Festival «Lace Maze» participants’ contest works, exhibition of the works of the Russian national competition “Silver Bobbin” participants, the Fair of lace centers, photo exhibition “Vologda, the Lace City”, exhibition of children art work “Vologda Lace Fairytale” competing for the prize of the head of the Vologda city.

“ The biggest mass-scale lacemaking” campaign including the part of the Russian Records representatives will pass off in Kremlin square on June, 24. More than 500 lace makers are expected to give a simultaneous Lace Making Workshop. A special committee of independent experts will watch the setup of the record. The best Vologda Region creative teams are going to perform at Sobornaya gorka ( the Cathedral square). June 25 a Town Day holiday this time dedicated to lace is going to take place in Kremlin square , wh ere the champions of the “Lace Maze” contest will be awarded as well.

This day will also be marked by a gala concert and the ceremony to award the champions of the International Flax Festival contests. Popular Russian singers and stars of show business are going to take part in the concert.