The winner of VOICES was awarded at the festival closing ceremony

The winner of III International Festival of Young European Cinema “VOICES” was awarded at the festival closing ceremony 10 July 2012. The Grand prix of the festival was given to Avalon, the picture of Sweden director Aksel Petersen. The prize accounted for 15 thousand euros ( 10 thousands go to the director and 5 thousands go to the film’s promoting company in Russia). According to Alexander Proshkin, the chairman of the “VOICES” festival jury, the judging committee unanimously decided to award this film with the Grand prix. Aksel Petersen appeared at the stage twice: Johannes Brost, who played the leading role in Avalon, was awarded with “Best male performance” prize.

“The audience choice” award was given to the picture Guilty directed by a French Vincent Garenq. A special prize “For independence and bravery” was given by jury to a Russian film For Marks directed by Svetlana Baskova, the award was handed in by a Polish cameraman and scriptwriter Gzhegozh Kendzerskiy.

Prize “For best directing” went to a Chezh director Olmo Omerzu for The Night Too Young, the winner in “Best female performance” nomination was Hanna Hekstra ( Hemel by Sasha Polak). All the prize winners got diplomas and an official prize of the festival – silver magephone made in Veliky Ustug.

The awards were also given to the winners of the short film contest “I love you, Vologda land” – the authors of the picture Proskurino Alexey Tikhomirov and Igor Pantin.

“The festival is getting more and more popular, it is proved by full cinemas both in Vologda and Cherepovets” – said Evgeny Artemov, the deputy governor of the Oblast.
A German actress Katja Riemann , the muse of “VOICES-2012”, congratulated the winners of the festival, highlighting that the prizes are a very good motivation for their further work.
Both for the guests and for the viewers “VOICES” became a real cinema holiday where people could meet and view great films, many of which got world recognition. It is out of the question that all the participants of the festival will have the most warming memories about Vologda and its citizens.


Irina Sorokina, photo of Roman Ilyin and Irina Sorokina