Again “VOICES”

For the third time we can see a red carpet at Lenkom cinema, for the third time Russian and foreign cinema stars walk along it: III International Festival of Young European Cinema “VOICES”opened in Vologda on 6 July 2012. This year it is dedicated to Germany and it is included into an official program of the current year of Germany and Russia. At the opening ceremony we could see People’s Artists of Russia Aleksey Guskov and Vera Glagoleva; German actress Isolda Diushauk, who played Margarete in Faust directed by Alexander Sokurov; Anna Haldei, daughter of a famous photographer Evgeny Haldei; Alexander Proshkin, the chairman of the festival’s jury; French actress Julie Gaeyt; Bulgarian director Georgy Stojanov; Polish cameraman and scriptwriter Grzegorz Kedzierski; French scriptwriter, director, actor and producer Stephane Brize; Austrian director, scriptwriter, producer, actor Hans Weingartner and many others.

The festival became both for the participants and the viewers a real cinema holiday, corresponding mood was hanging in the hall of the cinema – smiles, communication with the “stars”, photo shoots – Vologda literally turned into Cannes. Every year “VOICES” grow and get more and more popular among cinematographers and art connoisseurs: it is not the first time for many of the artists and directors who come here and the number of the sold tickets notably grows fr om year to year.

The opening ceremony was conducted by People’s Artist of Russia Anatoly Kuznetsov and German actress of Russian origin Isolda Diushauk.

The director of the festival Igor Lisenko said that despite some financial difficulties, the festival took place this year because Vologda citizens and those who often come here really liked “VOICES”, it is also a very significant and long-awaited event for young people.

This year competition program includes 9 début pictures: Avalon, directed by Aksel Petersen ( Sweden), Extraterrestre by Nacho Vigalondo (Spain), Guilty by Vincent Garenq ( France, Belgium), Kriegerin by David Wnendt (Germany), Hemel by Sasha Polak ( Netherlands, Spain), The Night Too Young by Olmo Omerzu ( the Czech Republic, Slovenia), Giacomo’s summer by Allessandro Komodan ( Italy, French, Belgium), House with a Tower by Eva Neiman (Ukrain) and For Marks by Svetlana Baskova ( Russia). All these films were announced at the opening ceremony. They will be assessed by a qualified jury, the chairman of which is Alexander Proshkin, who expressed his attitude in the following way: It is a very moving festival, unusial event: the citizens of Vologda, a wonderful Russian city, are the first people who can view films which will be on European screens. The young directors who brought with them their pictures tomorrow will be as famous as Haneke and other European cinematographers.” 

Oleg Kuvshinnikov, Vologda oblast governor, took part in the opening ceremony, he congratulated everybody: “Our festival is getting more popular not only in Russia and Europe but also all over the world, because it is here wh ere the “voices” of young film directors are born, here starts the way of new European cinema which I’m sure will work up a good name in the world”. Oleg Alexandrovitch and Isolda Diushauk drew the festival opening ceremony to a close breaking for luck a special plate with the name “VOICES”on it. But there was one more surprise for the viewers – a German film Barbara directed by Christian Petzold.

Irina Sorokina