Fifth Festival of Young European Cinema “VOICES” came to end in Vologda

Fifth Festival of Young European Cinema “VOICES” came to end in Vologda

Five days of the real film holiday, meetings with actors and directors, screening of over 80 movies have passed. Special attention was paid to the British cinema. It was the main subject of this year’s festival.

The main intrigue was certainly the competition program. 10 debut and second feature films of the European directors participated in it. “Life Feels Good” directed by Maciej Pieprzyca was given the Audience Prize Award. The debut work of Jiri Madl - “To See the Sea” - was named the Best Family Film and got the prize from the Gorky Film Studio. One more first film was also awarded – “Skinless” directed by Vladimir Beck, student of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography.

All tickets were sold out long before the beginning of this year’s festival. Several thousands spectators went to the cinemas of Vologda within these days. But the most important in the opinion of the famous guests was how emotionally local people apprehended new films.

“I felt that people and audience of Vologda liked cinema. They saw the films together with us every day. It is very important not only to know that the festival is professional, there is a red carpet and celebrities, it is necessary, but the audience is more important”, underlined Serge Avedikian, French director and actor.

It was the audience that helped the jury to determine the winner. Peoples’ emotions are the main assessment of any film. Therefore the winning film was chosen unanimously. The Grand Prix was given to “Still Life” directed Uberto Pasolini.

“It is a movie with the rich style culture that has the dignity of the frame. It is a very difficult position when so much sense is revealed with minimum of actions. In general, Uberto Pasolini’s work is very powerful”, noted Svetlana Proskurina, President of the Jury at the Festival of Young European Cinema “VOICES”.

“Still Life” is a joint film of Great Britain and Italy. It is the second work of director Uberto Pasolini. The film is about the life of John May, no-one important, who served in the funeral agency for 20 years. But he embarked on a venture. The film, in which two genres – comedy and drama – verged, made people cry.

In general, the fifth festival was a personal holiday for many spectators. As the organizers think it has taken place thanks to the audience in many respects.

“I want to promise to those people who have come to Vologda from far away, I know that there are spectators from France, my friends: every year you will have a new cause to come here again. We shouldn’t even change anything in Vologda. It is such a marvelous city, there are so many talented people and so much beauty. Vologda’s residents have only to look forward to the next festival”, said Igor Lysenko, director of the Festival of Young European Cinema “VOICES”.

To look forward to new films, directors, actors and, certainly, the next VOICES festival. The organizers of the international project promise to present even more emotions to the spectators next year. By the way, the sixth film festival “VOICES” will be dedicated to the Polish cinema.

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