Masterpieces from collections of the Vologda and Kirillo-Belozersky museums - reserves will be displayed at the exhibition « Sacred Russia: Russian art from ancient times to Peter's I epoch » in the Louvre (Paris, France).

128 samples of Russian history and culture from ten museums and libraries of the northwest of Russia will be exhibited. In the Louvre Palace one will see 14 icons from the tier of Festivals and the Deesis tier of the Assumption Cathedral iconostasis of 1497 and also the shroud " Presentation of the Virgin to Cyril Belozersky in the Moskow Simonov monastery " of 1620-35 brought from Kirillo-Belozersky historical-architectural and art museum - reserve.

Two items from the collection of the Vologda museum-reserve are by the right considered to be masterpieces among other objects of Old Russian art: the icon « Saint Dimitry Prilutsky with the scenes from his life » (Dionysius, about 1503) and the silhouette high relief « St.George with a Serpent » (second half of the XVI century). The icon will be shown in France for the first time, while the sculpture has already been exhibited in Paris at the exhibition of 1974.

Exhibition « Sacred Russia: Russian art from ancient times to Peter's I epoch » is held in the framework of the Year of Russia in France and Year of France in Russia and it will open for visitors on March, 2 - May, 24.