The most mass scale lace-making campaign was held within the framework of the International lace festival

The most mass scale lace-making campaign was held within the framework of the International lace festival 24 June.

24 June 2011 will go deep down into Vologda region and Russian history, with Vologda getting into the Russian records book. The main sound overwhelming the Kremlin square that day was the jingle of the lace bobbins because 570 lace-makers had been making a fairy beautiful lace.

Vologda lace is known all over the world and represents the glory of Russian lace. It is not a mere chance that Vologda is the Russian lace center and a place to hold the first International lace festival. The most mass scale lace-making campaign and its record in the Russian records book was conducted within the framework of the International lace festival VITA LACE and the first International flax festival.

The main guest at this holiday was Svetlana Medvedeva, wife of the Russian Federation President. She had a talk with some of the lace-makers and estimated how hard their work was. Svetlana accompanied by a famous Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin and Vologda region governor Vjacheslav Pozgalev visited the Museum of Lace.

The members of 10 countries- Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Ireland, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia as well as representatives from 24 Russian regions took part in this campaign. The lace- makers were set in a special way – in the form of a snowflake as the main lace element.

According to the Russian records book a special committee was created and experts were invited to watch the record and the conditions in which it was being held. The committee successfully registered the record.

The youngest member of the campaign was 3-year-old Ljuba Tihomirova from Vasilievskoe village of Vologda region. The lace-making for her family has become a good tradition passed through generations that is why Ljuba came not alone but with her mother, grandmother and her cousin representing a famous dynasty of lace-makers.The most experienced participant of the campaign was 74-year-old Galina Pavlovna Suslova who started to get to know lacemaking at the age of 14 and has been doing it for 60 years.

The art of lacemaking was known by everybody, the number of the participants included men too. The youngest was Pavel Medvedkov from Vologda. Among the professionals – 22-year-old Nikita Ivanov from Velikii Ustug – to name but one.He started lacemaking when he was 7 and ever since several times has been the winner of the Russian contest Silver Bobbin.

One of the participants was Louisa Senecal, a guest from Canada, a chairperson of the International organization of bobbin and needle lace: “I liked the city very much. I am impressed by the festival. It’s the first time when I take part in such a large scale project and it’s interesting for me to see and meet different schools and techniques of lace-making.”

Irina Sorokina