The IX Interregional Art Festival “Beloozero” will be held in Belozersk on the 7 – 8 July

Within the festival a traditional contest “Music of Rivers” and a children holyday “Music Brooks” will go off.

The Interregional Art Festival “Beloozero” has been held in Belozersk since 1999 on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Government of the Region. The aims of the yearly carrying out of the festival is comprehension of the historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of folks of Northern-West and Central parts of Russia, preservation of their identity in domestic and world culture, strengthening of part of small historical towns of Russia in consolidation of the integral cultural space on example of the Belozersk region, that has a special significance in origin and formation of Russian statehood. The main tasks of the festival are:

For 7 year of carrying out of the festival such activities as Interregional Contest of Song Performers “Music of Rovers” and Children Holiday “Music Brooks”, round tables and area study conferences, festive gathering in the streets and squares on public holidays “Belozerskaya gulyanochka”, performances in the open air, demonstrative performances of clubs of historical reconstruction, evening of poets and bards “Poetical bonfires”, youth program “On the wave crest”, dance retro-evenings, exhibition and sale of pictures “Belozersk courts” (“Belozerskie dvoriki”), exhibition and sale of arts and crafts goods “Master town” (“Gorod masterov”) with a contest “Master – gold hands”.

The festival has a strongly pronounced historical orientation. Conferences and round tables, held yearly within the festival, to no small degree favour it:

The cinema-program of the festival has a historical colouring too. Side by side with documentary films (“Ryurik and his Brothers”, “Russian Map (Card)”) feature films from the Golden film-fund are shown. Whole cinema-weeks are organized: a week of historical film – 2002, “In the Tracks of “Kalina Krasnaya” (“Red Snowball Tree”) to the 30-anniversary of release of the film and 75-anniversary of birth of V.M. Shukshin – 2004. Actors and creators of films come to the meetings with audience: director of the studio “Lennauchfilm” V. Gurkalenko-Sidelnikova, the People’s artist USSR State Prize Winner Lyudmila Zaitseva, and the Honored artist of Russia Vasily Mishchenko.

One of the most striking moments of the festival is by right a contest of song performers “Music of rivers”, which aim is popularization of creative work of local authors, supporting of young performers, establishing of new creative relations between regions. Geography of the contest is quite wide, its participants were performers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Murom, Pskov, Kirov, Arkhangelsk, Petrosavodsk… Chairmen of jury of the contest were in different times composers Alexandr Mazhukov and Anatoly Kiselev (Moscow), dean of the music-pedagogical department of the VSPU S. Serebrennik, member of the Union of the composers of Russia composer Mikhail Gogolin (Vologda), journalist of the regional radio Irina Tsvetkova works almost yearly as member of jury.

Thanks to carrying out of the festival unique landscape stages were built in the town in the architectural ensemble of historical bank, on the shore of the lake, on the central town square. Stands for spectators are fitted out; spectator zone is equipped with good amenities. Certain experience is earned in a sphere of the hotel, transport, excursion service, organization of publish catering of guests and participants of the festival; a constant organization committee and a headquarters are working. 

Festival of 2007 is held within celebration of the 1145 anniversary of foundation of Belozersk – one of five most ancient towns of Russia. It will be filled with events, reflecting history and traditions of country; presentation of the third volume of the anthology “Belozetye”, the II Internet Photo-contest “My Belozerye” under the motto “Ancient young town” will take place.

Festival invites all persons interested in taking part in its activities.

Phone/fax of the organization committee:

(8-81756) 2-18-53 – department of culture, sport and youth politics;

(8-81756) 2-11-33 – department of regional relations and information provision.

Phone/fax (8-81756) 2-12-40