The All-Russia library congress was held on May, 17-22 in the city of Vologda

May, 17-22, 2009

The All-Russia library congress (XIV annual conference of the Russian library association) was held on May, 17-22 in the city of Vologda which is declared by the Russian Library Association «2009 Library capital of Russia».

Vologda is an administrative centre of the Vologda Oblast and one of the largest cultural centers of the Russian North. One of the most ancient Russian cities, Vologda is as old as Moscow. Vologda in many respects has preserved its historical image; here one can see both stone and wooden monuments of architecture, many of which are protected by the state. It is the city of museums, libraries, theatres. Vologda is the native land of many oustanding people of Russia, among them are poet Konstantin Batyushkov, writer Vladimir Gilyarovsky, poet Nikolay Rubtsov, the inventor of the first-ever plane Alexander Mozhaisky, aircraft designer Sergey Ilyushin, cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev, composer Valery Gavrilin. Vologda land is rich in national art crafts: the Vologda laces, painting on wood, берестяные products, northern niello, sound flax which are famous far outside our Oblast.

The decision on carrying out the All-Russia library congress is taken on the basis of the address to Governor Vyacheslav Pozgalyov by Ilya Klebanov, the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in Northwestern Federal District. The Conference is carried out with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and Administration of Vologda Oblast.

The annual Conference of the RLA which has got the status of the All-Russia library congress since 2007 is the largest forum of the Russian library experts, both in the number of participants, and in the wide spectrum of discussed problems on library affairs. The congress is open for representatives of all libraries and their partners, irrespective of their membership in RLА.

By tradition the All-Russia library congress is carried out before the All-Russian day of libraries. This year the Babushkin Vologda regional universal scientific library celebrates its 90-anniversary.

The program of the Congress was devoted to the theme «Libraries of Russia in the society of knowledge: dynamics of integration». During plenary sessions, «round tables» there was supposed to discuss the problems general for all libraries.

During the Congress in the exhibition center «the Russian house» X exhibition of the publishing works, new information technologies, products, goods and services was opened.