On February, 8 the meeting with writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya took place in Vologda

On February, 8 the meeting with writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya took place in Vologda.

Within the framework of the educational project «the Vologda penates» in the hall of the philarmonic society overflown with spectators the meeting with the writer and the playwright, the winner of premiums Medici (France), «Russian Booker» and National international premium (Russia) Lyudmila Ulitskaya took place.

Vologda residents were very much interested in the popular person and the author of more than ten books, a lot of children's plays and scripts for cartoon films. Our guest «was puzzled» with numerous questions mostly about the last book «Daniel Stein, the translator».

Lyudmila Evgenyevna was asked, whether the main character was real, how the representatives of different religions met the book, and Ulitskaya answered, that she was personally familiar with the person named in the book Danielem Stein, that to work on this book had been extraordinary difficult and it had got quite different estimations, but the main award for her became four thousand sold copies of the book and gratitude of her readers for her ability to guess a spiritual nerve of our life during the most complicated times of changes.

She excitedly spoke about her new project - books for family reading «Another, another and others». Many known authors are involved in this project. Books of this series tell, how the life in the world is arranged: about family, about traditions in meal, clothes in different nations of the world, about the history of punishments, ceremonies of birth and death in different countries.

Ella Kirillova