10 April 2012 Museum of Lace was holding an opening ceremony of exhibition “Switzerland and Russia: Laces intertwine the countries”

10 April 2012 Museum of Lace was holding an opening ceremony of exhibition “Switzerland and Russia: Laces intertwine the countries”as well as a festival ceremony of gratuitous handover of Switzerland citizen Ruth Scheidegger-Meier’s lace and XVIII-XX embroidery private collection to Vologda state open air museum.

The collection, highly estimated by hermitage and foreign auction houses was decided by Ruth Scheidegger-Meier to be handed over to Russia after she had learned about Vologda Museum of Lace.

“It is the first time when not singular articles but a big collection (about 1000 examples of West European needle and bobbin lace as well as pictures showing clothes made of lace) is given to a Russian museum all of a piece and in great condition”,- said Konstantin Nefedov, a consul of Russian Federation Embassy in Switzerland.

At the opening there were first faces of Vologda region, foreign guests, workers of Russian Federation Embassy in Switzerland. Addressing Ruth, Vologda Oblast governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov characterized her action as an example of friendship and cooperation of two countries: “Vologda Oblast is well-known not only by its economic potential, but also by its huge cultural heritage. Today I would like to express the words of gratitude to Frau Ruth for her collection which she handed over to Vologda”.

For great contribution into development of Russian-Swiss cooperation and gratuitous handover of the European lace collection to the funds of Vologda State historical and architectural open air museum Oleg Kuvshinnikov gave Ruth Scheidegger –Meier letters of gratitude from Russian minister of culture A.A.Avdeev and Vologda oblast governor. To remember Vologda by,Frau Ruth also got a doll designed by Vologda artist Marina Turova.

Georgy Shevtsov, chairman of Legislative Assambly of Vologda oblast, named the gift of Switzerland guest “investment not only into economy but also into Vologda culture and art”.

The words of gratitude expressed by the first faces of the oblast were also directed to the representatives of the Russian Federation in Switzerland: Igor Bratchikov, ambassador of the RF minister of foreign affairs and Konstantin Nefedov, consul of the RF Embassy in Switzerland.

Closing the festival part of the ceremony Frau Scheidegger-Meier personally presented the most interesting examples of her lace collection. Her sincere and colorful story became a wonderful complement to the unique exhibition.

Exposition “Switzerland and Russia: laces intertwine the countries” will last till the middle of September.

Natalia Molchanova